About Us

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”

—Edith Head

Born out of a mother’s need to dress her little ones in nothing but the best, we at Momkidsfashion.com aim to fulfill this need of moms worldwide through our carefully curated designs, sustainably sourced fabrics and thoughtful craftsmanship. We strive to come together to celebrate the bond between moms and their kids through the language of fashion.

How our journey began

Setting Industry Standards

“The seed of this idea was planted when I delivered my first child and could not find any matching clothes for my first born. Being a new mom, I was always so excited to dress my little bundle of joy in matching clothes but couldn’t find any.”

– Saumya Agarwal Tyagi, Co-founder


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Est. 2022

Our Story

The idea germinated with the birth of my first child and materialised with the birth of my second child.

“A child gives birth to a mother”

Don’t we all agree with this famous quote, being a mother I always wanted highest quality garments which are soft on my kids skin yet are fashionable. But couldn’t find any and realised there is this need of Moms like me who wanted matching outfits for kids.

And thus, the idea germinated in my mind to start a brand to cater to this specific need of Moms all over the world.

Being a mom, I also realised how our bodies change post pregnancy and keeping this in mind I have designed my collection, again something overlooked by other brands available for women.

For those special Mom and kids moments, those memories which you will cherish for a lifetime, momkidsfashion brings to you its unique range of matching siblings, Mom and kids garments.

-Saumya Agarwal Tyagi, Co-founder

Our Future

Growing Fast

We are happy to be growing at an exponential rate and catering to customers all over the world. Come be part of our world.

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Satisifed customers

Vision Statement

“Create high quality, stylish and comfortable fashion for Mom & kids and to become one stop shop for Moms’ fashion choices globally.”